Nasce la prima libreria digitale da spiaggia firmata QUIBEE e RCS.


Together with RCS, QUIBEE has developed the first digital bookshop for the beach that allowed all users in beach huts in seaside resorts enrolled in the pilot scheme to read newspapers, magazines, and books from the RCS publishing group free of charge.
This was the first time Quibee was used and the first time the potential of our platform was seen.
In the summer of 2014 we identified beach huts in seaside resorts as the perfect place to start experimenting with long range beacons in territory dedicated to free reading.
The beach has a true “reading perimeter” for the iBeacon where you can offer your customers a free RCS branded reading service composed of books, daily newspapers (Corriere della Sera, Gazzetta dello Sport), and magazines, all free of charge and in an integrated version, with no subscription charge or additional costs.

Beaches 2.0 continually transforms places where the content is updated every day.


(1-31 August 2014 – 10 sample beach resorts spread throughout Italy


8th App

more downloads in the news and books sections of App Store in August, among the best Apps in the Store for 10 days.

10 Days

among the best Apps in the Apple Store.

70 Download a day

We had an average of 70 downloads a day throughout the project.

1305 users subscribed in a month

We totaled 1305 subscribers in only one month of the project.

+3500 Readers in a month

More than 3500 readers were read under the large parasols of beach hut areas in 10 seaside resorts.

22 minutes

The average time staying on the app.

Download the Quibee App:

Download the Quibee app but remember to search a Quibee reading area to view its contents

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