Specific content can be directed straight to your own customers’ smartphones or other devices using Hooney,
market yourself by push and sending content of any kind inside delimited physical spaces

The simple visit to a museum no longer satisfies the viewers so the chance to have a tailor made tour is certainly an interesting option as it provides a chance to explore the contents of greater interest. Now you can use Quibee to create ad hoc experiences for visitors.
Thanks to using advanced technology, proximity marketing facilitates direct online communication in an offline context.

Thanks to the proximity technology and especially ibeacon technology, Quibee to all intents and purposes offers a new media that provides the opportunity of communicating directly inside the territory by directing information customized according to the customer’s and the place’s needs

tecnologia iBeacon


Quibee makes the Hooney proximity platform available to your customers so you can communicate in predefined places using iBeacon technology.
This technology provides for the use of a small device that facilitates the reception of predefined digital content by an app when the app is present inside the physical place.

So any information can be directed to a device as long as it is physically present inside the defined perimeter.

Discover how the hooney platform works

Our platform uses ibeacon and connects any digital content to any physical place.

Hooney platform
Can I do this inside a museum?
Send push tailored to consumers’ artistic tastes
Infotainment and creation of tailor made tours
Send proximity promos
Gamification to secure and retain customer loyalty
In museum communication and creativity
User analysis and profiling
In museum entertainment activity

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