Proximity entertainment

Using the iBeacon technology, we offer an innovative entertainment service.
Once the place has been defined, it only takes a few steps for us to transform it in into a completely relaxing reading experience.

How does it work?

Simply contact us and ask for the service and we will send the number of beacons required to cover the area according to the specifications of your space,
with the beacons already set up ready for use.
No costly or invasive installation.
Once your clients have downloaded the app, they can freely begin to read all of the contents of the application inside your premises.
We have a large stock of newspapers and magazines available but we can personalize the service to our customers’ needs.

Our content

Thanks to a partnership with the RCS Group, we can offer the following readings

Why offer the quibee enjoy reading service?

Offering Quibee is not only an entertainment service but also an opportunity to open a communication channel with your customers.
In fact, together with the reading service we offer you the chance to send targeted information and reminders directly to your user’s device.
We can make the Quibee app available, already present in the main stores, or create a branded dedicated app just for you.
To find out more please do not hesitate to write to us or discover our Hooney proximity platform, you can address push notification targeting your clients inside the perimeter of your premises.

who’s already chosen us?



Bathing huts in a seaside resort throughout Italy have chosen Quibee to offer their customers a fast modern entertainment.



Customers reaching the Isle of Elba on board the Smart Ferry called Toremar can pass the time having a good read.

Villaggi Bravo

Villaggi Bravo

An island lost in the middle of the sea where our preferred readings do not arrive. Using Quibee the Gazzetta dello Sport and the Corriere della Sera do arrive in Capo Verde.

Have you got a beach resort?


Would you like to offer your customers a fast modern entertainment?
Discover Quibeach.

Are you a publisher?


Would you like to add your content and have it distributed inside the delimited areas? We can make our proximity technology available to promote you or to help your clients get to know you..

Discover what they say about us: Quibee e lo Spotify della Lettura