Thanks to proximity technology we transform
physical places into containers of emotion

How do we do it?

Proximity marketing offers infinite potential, fantastic freedom of expression, and above all, a new media for directing information.
In fact, the new technology facilitates communication with unimaginable potential in unexplored territory inside physical spaces.
We at Quibee aim to conquer this territory by using our experience in the world of communication to create proximity projects that transform places and direct information where it has not been possible in the past.

If walls could speak

testimonial author
I come into fleeting contact with people who only leave behind them that funny sensation of irritation and hurry typical of the city. And yet I was charming and had so much to offer. I am now not only a point of reference, I not only offer a magnificent view, but I can also give something more. To all effects I am an open-air bookshop. People are served, take their time.
It lives in me.
The Central Square
testimonial author
It has always been known that it is easier to backslide in life than make it to the top but in my situation the view is decidedly better. And not only this, now there is also shopping.
The Everest
testimonial author
It was easy to find people who ran, people who were lazy underachievers, even an angry person. No-one brought their own children to me. “Too many problems” said the grown-ups.
But I could also do some good. Now they know it. Using Quibee, the children now love to spend time with me and the mums can’t wait to come back and visit me.
The grocery store across the street

Creativity of proximity

If we can now transform a supermarket into an edutainment project for children, the summit of a mountain into an extreme shop or turn a piazza into a digital bookshop thanks to the latest generation technology that now opens new horizons and uses new media inside the spaces surrounding them.
This has made proximity marketing one of the most fertile sectors experiencing great expansion in the digital field and in content marketing that is set for exponential growth in the next few years.
We at Quibee concentrate on the creativity of proximity and we have the methods and technologies available to offer products customized to our clients’ needs.

Any place can become a vehicle for messaging, creating a feeling, or an experience…

Our products

Proximity Entertainment

Proximity Entertainment

The Enjoy Reading project offers your clients an exclusive entertainment service facilitating the daily reading of magazines only if physically present inside the surrounding space
Discover Enjoy Reading.

Proximity Platform

Proximity Platform

A technological platform developed for communication and proximity marketing inside any physical space.
Discover the Hooney platform.

who is our target market?

Are you a Brand?


You can use Quibee’s Hooney platform to plan support for your brand by targeting very precise and geolocalized targets. Ask us to provide the creativity and we can amaze you!

Are you a publisher?


… or do you have content you want to exploit?
Quibee directs your geolocalized content, whatever it is (audio, video, images, text), with DRM protection and precise analysis of results.

Places of entertainment?


Your clients spend a lot of time with you (you are a bar, you have a waiting room, you have bathing huts in a seaside resort, etc). With Quibee you can improve the length of their stay by exploiting digital content.

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